StayCare / Doggie Playcare

Playcare Overview

Daily PlayCare or extended StayCare has never been so fun and comfy! Our goal at Bruno’s is to make sure that your pet’s every need is cared for. We pride ourselves on giving your pet the ultimate resort experience when you and your pet are apart — whether they're vacationing with us or just here to play for the day!

Bruno’s combines all the comfort and pampering expected of a luxury spaw resort with the warmth and familiarity of home. Each of our private resort suites come complete with food and water bowl, clean, comfy bedding, and daily maid service. Room service is provided twice a day for breakfast and dinner. Fresh water is available at all times. All suites and indoor play area are climate controlled and kept clean and sanitized throughout the day.

Keeping you and your pet happy is our top priority!

We pride ourselves on quality personal care for each guest. With multiple trained caregivers, we ensure that every guest gets the individual attention they deserve.
Fun is what it’s all about!

Your pets will be showered with lots of love, attention and playtime, just like they get at home. They will enjoy plenty of time to romp around with other dogs in our large indoor play room and outdoor play yard. Group playtime is an excellent source of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization. For the dogs who prefer a more individualized schedule and/or pampering – we offer a variety of extra special treats and amenities for you to choose from, such as: Movie time, Tuck in service, Storytime, Pawdicures, Spaw Massages, Gourmet snacks and more!

Our highly qualified staff is always here to provide the best care available to each pet – including plenty of hands on attention. Our staff adheres to a strict code of conduct that values honesty, hard work, and affectionate care – after all, we are pet owners too!

What to bring!

We invite you to bring as many items as you want. It is important that any bedding be machine washable so that we are able to keep everything fresh. Chew toys, treats, bones, balls – whatever will make your dog feel at home is okay with us. Keep in mind, however, that if your dog has any tendency to chew, he or she will probably destroy something before the stay is over. It is advisable to leave at home any items you don’t want to be chewed, or anything your dog might swallow. It is not recommended that Freestyle guests bring their own toys or bedding.


To avoid any disruption to your dog’s digestive system it is recommended that you provide your pets own individually packaged meals from home. However, we can provide food upon request. We are happy to attend to any special dietary needs your pet may have, as well as the administration of any medications, as necessary. Refrigeration is available for perishable items. Please bring dry dog food in a plastic container clearly marked with your pet’s name.


Bruno’s offers two Resort StayCare options to best suit your pet(s) needs. You can choose between a Private Suite, where your dog(s) will enjoy the privacy of sleeping in their own room or loft; or you can choose Freestyle StayCare, where your dog may share a room with another playmate of similar size and temperament. Resort Suites are $37.95 per night and Freestyle Resort StayCare is $32.95 per night. Both options include comfy bedding, room service and all day group play (for social dogs) in our Doggie PlayCare program. Prices are per pet and there is an additional $5 per day charge for non-social dogs. We offer a 25% discount to each additional family pet. Please note that only social dogs may stay Freestyle and all male dogs over 6 months old must be neutered in order to socialize. PLEASE REFER TO RESORT REQUIRMENTS & FORMS FOR ADDITIONAL SOCIALIZATION REQUIRMENTS.

Additional costs: Bruno Provided Food: $6/per day (up to 4 cups); Medication Administration: $4/per dosage and $15/per injection.

Resort check-out time is 12:00pm. After this time an hourly daycare charge will be assessed for late check-outs (unless pet(s) is a Bruno PlayCare Member).

Resort PlayCare (doggie daycare) drop-in rate is $5/per hour. We also offer Unlimited PlayCare Memberships as low as .76¢per hour. Pricing is for social dogs. Please inquire as to availability and pricing for non-social dogs. Playcare hours are Monday thru Friday 7am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sundays 11am – 5pm.