Spaw Treatments

Luxurious & Rejuvenating Spaw Enhancements

Why not enhance your furry ones Spaw Day with the addition of one (or more) of our custom Spaw Treatments listed below:

Flea Retreat

This highly effective flea and tick removal treatment includes our medicated flea and tick removal shampoo which is thoroughly massaged into the coat for 10 minutes. Additional $10 (There may be an added charge for excessive tick removal, starting at $10 per 10 minutes)

Enhancement Packages:

Pampered Pet: Shampoo Upgrade + Teeth brush + Nail grind = $18. $2 savings! (Excludes: Flea & Tick, Medicated, De-skunk & Oatmeal shampoo)

Soothing Suds: Choice of Oatmeal or Medicated Shampoo + Ultra Conditioning Treatment + Teeth brush = $23. $2 savings!

Ultimate Spaw Day: Specialty Shampoo + Blueberry Facial + Pawdicure + Massage + Teeth brush + Nail grind = $36. $10 savings! (Excludes: Flea & Tick, Medicated, De-skunk & Oatmeal shampoo)

All Enhancement prices are in addition to bath and groom charge.

Kissable Dental Care

The dental care treatment begins with a thorough teeth brushing and gum massage, specifically cleaning all three sides of each tooth while massaging the gums. Consistent dental care can help ward off bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections, and heart disease.
Additional $6


Our highly popular Rainforest Shampoo is a natural, leafy and vaguely floral scent that deeply cleanses the coat and adds a brilliant shine, while leaving a long-lasting, refreshing scent. In combination with our Rainforest cologne, this enhancement creates a beautiful harmony of rain and exotic white flowers giving it a fresh, up-lifting scent.
Additional $6

Soothing Oatmeal Relief

This natural, anti-itch oatmeal treatment includes our soap-free, hypoallergenic, colloidal oatmeal shampoo, which naturally cleanses and soothes dry, itchy, sensitive skin as it is thoroughly massaged into the coat for 5 minutes.
Additional $8

Fresh Facial Scrub

This pampering facial begins with fresh Berry Facial Scrub, a mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser that soothes and balances with natural exfoliating activity. The refreshing blend of vanilla and berry effectively removes dirt and tearing residue from around the dog’s eyes, without stinging the eyes. The face and muzzle is then gently exfoliated, removing any remaining dirt and stains.
Additional $6

FURminator Treatment

Our FURminator treatment begins with a thorough brushing using the FURminator deShedding tool prior to the bath. The deShedding tool is guaranteed to reduce shedding up to 90% by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat. We then finish off the bath with an ultra-rich de-shedding conditioning treatment followed by a thorough condensing blow out of the coat. This treatment brings out the dogs natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny top coat. It also reduces the amount of airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people.
Additional $15.00 additional per 15-minute increments

Rejuvenating Argan Oil

This wonderfully fragrant shampoo rejuvenates and repairs dry brittle coats, while restoring smoothness and giving new life to tangled and damaged fur. The Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil) locks in moisture and restores the luster and shine. The Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) strengthen the hair shaft and heals split ends. Also contains Vitamin E to help maintain a healthy looking coat.
Additional $6

Ultra-Conditioning Treatment

An ultimate conditioning treatment with natural Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera to provide the ultimate skin and coat conditioner. Rich natural moisturizers and emollients leaves the coat supple and tangle-free.
Additional $10

Bruno’s Spaw Massage

This luxurious spaw experience begins with a calming all-natural herbal elixir, to help your pup relax and enjoy a soothing 15 minute massage with Calming Aromatherapy Spritzer. Rich essential oils relieve tired muscles and calm the harried hound. The experience is heavenly, the results are healing.
Additional $10 for 15 minutes

Medicated Skin Relief Treatment

This highly effective medicated shampoo is excellent in helping reduce inflammation and itching caused by flea bites and skin allergies. Relieves odor, flaking, crusting, moist and dry patches. Designed for the treatment of generalized skin disorders and seborrhea. Eliminates odor and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
Additional $10


Say goodbye to the old tomato juice, vinegar, or whatever routine for pets unfortunate enough to have been sprayed by a skunk! This rich, creamy, hypoallergenic shampoo does not just cover up the odor, it removes it entirely - usually with just one application!
Additional $15

For Him

This contemporary expression of masculinity comes through in hints of nectarine, and the aura of ginger leaving a fresh effervescent scent. Pro vitamin B5 helps maintain and protect healthy skin while vitamin E provides a shiny coat making colors more vibrant. For maximum efficacy, this enhancement shampoo is used in combination with a finishing spritz of For Him cologne.
Additional $6
Please Note: Menu items are subject to availability. All prices are subject to change without notice.