About US

Welcome to Bruno’s Bath House, Dog Spaw & Resort

At Bruno’s we understand our guests are not just pets, they are family members, which is why all of our guests are cared for, loved, hugged and entertained, as if he or she were one of our own.

Bruno’s was created to provide a fun and safe haven where your four-legged family members can stay, play, bathe and relax in luxury. Understanding that each of our guests has their own unique personality, we cater to the individual needs of each guest and continuously strive to provide a resort where dogs can socialize and play, but also be pampered and waited on from head to paw, as expected with any 5-star spa resort.

Bruno’s Bath House is proud of its excellent reputation and loyal customers. Because of these clients, our business has grown tremendously since opening in September of 2007. As we grow we continue to challenge ourselves to constantly improve the quality of our facility and services. All of Bruno’s Buddies (the staff) play an extremely important role in allowing us to provide the best quality services for our guests. Their work ethic and patience is driven by their compassion and love for these wonderful creatures. We are a family of dog lovers committed to providing the very best care and attention for each individual guest.